grant-writing-logoSeeking philanthropic funding from Trusts and Foundations as well as individual philanthropists is a very competitive process. The quality of a submission, ability to adapt it to the audience and building relationships with potential funding organisations is crucial to ensuring the organisation is able to maximise its success to obtain funding.

We assist with submission preparation in two ways:

Application Management

Outsourcing for grant writing is a cost-effective option that will ensure strong and competitive applications are submitted to potential funding sources. We will work with your organisation through all steps of the grant application process including identification of appropriate funding sources, research and identification of eligibility for funding, collation of important information relevant to individual grant applications, writing and submission of the application, follow up, report writing and acquittal. We understand the importance of building relationships with potential funding organisations during the process which can ultimately result in your application being successful.

MG Health and Grants will develop templates for future grants as well as develop effective project plans for your funding needs and provide an ongoing grant-writing service to those organisation we work with.

We have a team of experienced and successful grant writers who understand the Australian not-for-profit and Government environments and are able to actively seek funding opportunities relevant to your organisation.

Application Critiquing

For organisations who wish to train and up-skill existing staff in grant writing, MG Health and Grants is able to offer critique of applications prepared by those staff on both a short term and long term basis. MG Health and Grants will be able to provide a full review of applications and provide objective constructive feedback that can be used for future applications and increase your success in obtaining funding.