MG Health and Grants Consulting offers expert services for your organisation in: Grant applications for not-for-profit and government grants; Project management of health projects; Data collection; Report writing; Project analysis; Workshop development; Project evaluation and reporting and more!

Grant Writing

Seeking philanthropic funding from Trusts and Foundations as well as individual philanthropists is a very competitive process. The quality of a submission, ability to adapt it to the audience and building relationships with potential funding organisations is crucial to ensuring the organisation is able to maximise its success to obtain funding.

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Health Consulting

Our health consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical requirements, whether it be collection of data, project management of a health project, report writing or strategy planning.  We bring a strong knowledge of the Australian health industry and clinical expertise and have a proven track record in successful development and completion of health projects.

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Charity Consulting

The most successful not-for-profits understands the needs of their community and have in place long-term plans on how to best address those needs.  Let our not-for-profit consulting experts help you develop your plan.

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